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  • in a digital way
    Accounting in a digital way
  • web based management
    Payroll web based management
  • for the optimal solutions
    Tax advice for the optimal solutions
  • profit increasing
    Company development profit increasing

What can we offer?

  • digital solutions;
  • well-prepared, expert team;
  • online-, web base services;
  • international practice;
  • updated knowledge in laws, regulations;
  • automated processes;
  • valuable reports about corporate and project activities;
  • wide range of advice activity;
  • transparent settlement;

Our specialities

  • client management by experts;
  • modern harware and software IT support;
  • full fledged services for our foreign clients;
  • automated processes;
  • advice in the field of corporate governance, taxes;
  • advice in the world of labour law;


Accounting services

Digital accounting of corporates, private entrepreneurs and other organizations


Complete payroll services for private entrepreneurs, employees, retired persons, persons with a contract of engagements

Tax advice

Tax advice for finding the most optimal solutions

Company development

Support in the building of business modell, company development, due diligence, internal audit

Digital accounting

Some arguments:

  • the bills, receipts are processed from databases instead of paper based methods;
  • automated preparation of returns, BS, GLs,
  • automated reporting systems;
  • web based attendance sheets;
  • using of ePayroll system;
  • due taxes are presented in a transparent way;
  • project accounting;

We will give the starting push to your company!

Have you lost your job, or have you been planning for a long time, but you do not dare to start?

So, it is time to launch your own company!

For the successfull start, you do not need anything else, just commitment and a competent partner, who support you to reach your dreams.

We can support you in the following:

  • Setting up business model;
  • Design of website;
  • Marketing;
  • Launch of sale activities;
  • Finding the optimal tax ways;