Accounting services

Full-scale accounting services for corporates, private entrepreneurs, other services:
  • setting up order of accounts or titles;
  • booking in GLs or in projects;
  • driving of analitical registrations;
  • preparation of corporate and project reports;
  • setting up returns;
  • preparation of Balance Sheets, closing Returns;
  • notification of due taxes;
  • preparation of internal regulations;
  • professional advice;
  • representation against Tax Authorities;

Web based payroll


Full-scale payroll services for private entrepreneures, employees, retired persons:

  • starting and closing employment status;
  • payroll of salaries, taxes, contributions;
  • using of web based attendance sheets;
  • recording of time sheets according to home office working or projects;
  • using of web based payslips;
  • preparation of cafeteria internal regulation;
  • advice in labour issues;

Characteristics of digital accounting

- Cost invoices, receipts are downloaded from Google Drive or MS Sharepoint;
- Sale invoices are downloaded from the web based billing applications;
- Data of invoices is imported from the Hungarian TAX Authority (NAV-Online) database;
- Data of bank statements is imported through an interface to our accounting system;
- Reports (payroll, taxes due) are processed online to our clients;
- Reports of accounting system (e.g. GL, analitics) are available anytime in .xls format;
- The processed documents are available in a structured, transparent way anytime;
- The returns are prepared and distributed in an automated way, such like Balance Sheets.

Company development

  • advice for starting companies;
  • preparation of business planning;
  • markering;
  • internal audit, due diligiences;